I have not had a lot of luck recently both professionally and personally.


On a personal level, I had a disastrous booty call with a man. I don’t know what he assumed, but he clearly thought there was going to be a free for all as I had told him that I worked for a West Midland escorts service. He thought he could book a sexy girl for consensual sex, he didn’t know thats not what West Midland escorts was all about. He had invited a couple of his friends to watch, and I have a funny feeling that it had something to with me telling I worked for a West Midland escorts service.

Then I had a weekend away with one of my favorite regulars from West Midland escorts which ended up going all wrong. He had worked really hard during the week, and even when he picked me up from outside o my West Midland escorts boudoir, I could tell that something was not right with him. The next day when we were in romantic Chester, he ended up having a heart attack. So much for a dirty weekend. What do you when it all goes wrong? Well, it soon became clear that he was going to be alright, but needed a week in hospital. Personally I needed to get back to West Midland escorts, so I paid for the two nights I ended up staying, and drove his car back to West Midland.

His sister who live in Wales was coming to stay with was coming, and I thought that I had better make myself scarce as it were. Finding out that her brother was into dating West Midland escorts could have been a little bit too much for her.    When I left the hospital in Chester, he was given the all clear, and he would explain “his girlfriend’s absence” by saying that I had to get back to West Midland to see my mom who was also ill. I felt guilty leaving him, but I promised that I would be back to pick him up when the doctors said that he could go home. At least I knew that he would not have the chance to enjoy his 40 a day smoking habit.

I learned a lot that weekend, and when I had a five minute breather during my Monday West Midland escorts shift, I sat down and thought about it all. It really matters if you can stay calm and keep your cool. Normally when things go wrong at West Midland escorts, I get anxious and have been known to completely lose the plot. My dirty weekend away had taught me a lot about myself. I knew that I could stay calm and cope when I needed to. Why did I not always do so? In the future, I would do better, and as I drove his Aston Martin car back to Chester a couple of days later, I felt that I was coping better with life in general. Bring it on I said to myself as I walked into the hospital only to find out my date was in the cafeteria chatting up a sexy blond nurse.

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