A few of the girls that I work with at North London escorts think that I have really twisted sexual fantasies?

For instance, I love having threesomes and I also love having sex in front of others. When I have some time to do other things, I am really hooked on Swingers’ parties. I don’t know how it all got started, but it was really after I had enjoyed my first Swingers’ party, all my crazy fantasies started to come out. Perhaps they were a source of inspiration.

Do I still go to Swingers’ parties? I am really busy on the nightshift at North London escorts, but I still take time to swing. I love it and this is really when I let myself go. A lot of my twisted fantasies do come out to play. I have met some really exciting people at the parties, and I meet them when I have finished my shift Saturday night shift at North London escorts sometimes. We may even go as far as setting out certain fantasy scenarios so that we can really play and have some fun.

Other of my twisted fantasies have come from Hentai porn or other extreme forms of porn that I have seen on the Internet. One of the gents that I meet at cheap North London escorts think that I should be a scriptwriter in the porn industry. I am not sure about that, but I would like to have a go. One day when I end my career with North London escorts, I may consider taking on a fresh challenge. I am not sure that I would like to be a porn star, but I would not mind having a go at writing a script or two.

Personally I think that sexual fantasies are healthy. Not all of mine are super twisted but a few of them are a bit out there. I do meet some gents at North London escorts who like to hear about my sexual fantasies, but I am careful with the way I share them. After all, I tend to get really excited and want to act them out. That is not really the sort of thing that we should be doing at North London escorts. I am a responsible girl when I am on duty at cheap North London escorts, and I never take things to the extreme. Being gentle is my motto.

If I could act out more of my sexual fantasies, I would be a really happy girl. Last year I did really well at North London escorts, and managed to earn some good money. So this summer, I am planning to go to Hedonism II in Jamaica. They have some special events this summer and one of them is called Twisted Fantasy Land. I belong to couple of different Swingers’ associations in North London, and I am travelling with one of them. My North London escorts girlfriends think that I overdoing my going all the way to Jamaica to act out some of my fantasies but I cannot see why not. After all, I have worked hard and I should be allowed to have some fun.

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